Author Topic: 2 Questions about Borderlands.  (Read 479 times)

1) Ok, so my friends whos level 21 said he already fought Skagzilla and that it was in the Dahl Highlands
While Ive not seen this Skagzilla and Im level 24 (I know that level doesnt matter) and Ive been doing all the questions I can and I have done a ton more quests in the Dahl Highlands than my friend. Could someone tell me exactly where to get the quest? (I.E. Firestone, New Haven, ect.) I know its not Firestone because Ive done all the quest there.

2) Whenever I get the option to do a quest (Like when I talk to Lucky in the Dahl Highlands) I dont feel like doing them right then so I just hit the B button (Exit) and it automatically gives me the first quest on his list. This is really getting annoying seeing I can turn in a quest without getting another one. Is this normal?

1) It's at the orange dot.

2) Do the quests

Also, the wikia knows all
Do I have to just go to the orange dot?
Or do I have to go to a bounty board or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning?

look up on the wikia for the quest that involves skagzilla.

it's really not that hard.