Author Topic: Diosadentro's USSR App  (Read 4410 times)

Last I heard Face handed it over to entrepreneur in NKL and me, after that I stopped being informed of anything other than you being let back in.

He wasnt in in the first place...

Was @ Ronin.

Anyways, Face should make the final decision... or someone other than the 2 people from USSR that have posted here.

Can any other USSR Members say yes of no?

Sorry for the late reply, But these pictures dont do justice to the build, Join his server, See the build, Other USSR Members that have said its needs improvment, Seeing the build in-game will change your mind.

This build is very good, i like it and i think you deserve to get in, Its not upto me to say yes, But if what Anti-Cop said is true that you need 2 yes's you have mine, i love it and i think you should be aloud in, Just wait to see what Face has to say.

Argh, this is a hard decision, i don't know what to say the clan's decisions are literally split down the middle on this one...I think ill let you in, its not like you aren't trying hard, you've improved every time we've given you suggestions.
Welcome to USSR.

Congratulations Dios! :) you deserved it for being a extremely builder.

Thanks alot all you guys. I'm glad to be here and bring good things to the clan. Improvment is what I aim for so i'm glad you see that face, and I'm sure i will continue to improve. Glad to be here!

i actually dont think anny of the app builds he jsut posted here were exactly good enough but i have seen other builds of his and i know he does have what it takes
congrats dios

i guess i can take that as a compliment :-/

im saying IMO that one doesnt count but any other build you have made does so you deserve to be in

Yeah, I look forward to seeing your future builds Dios, good luck.

Ok that works I guess.