Author Topic: Blockland crashes every time I start a server/singleplayer  (Read 484 times)

Every time I start a server or go into singleplayer I crash right after spawning.

This only seems to be a problem with Adjustable plate.

I've crashed quite a few times due to the map.
I'm sure the map itself is the only issue.

providence, the same thing happens to me. i found a way round it. on spawn, suicide. sit down. every minute or so move cursor to make sure it hasnt crashed. it dont always work, but when it dus, dont quit out unless u absalutly hav 2

Start up blockland, open the console(before starting a server) and type "trace(1);", no quotes, and set the enabled addons to default only, then try starting a server. If it crashes post the console.log or reinstall blockland, a fresh install, and try again.