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This is my apartment building I have been working on. All the apartments have been claimed though :-/ sorry.

If you must, you may rate.

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If I new it was a appartment building I would of resreved a space

(if your wondering, i found a computer station!)

This is a pretty awesome build, saw it in person i like it 7/10.

Cool! 9/10. I love the detail!

Nice, the details are very good, and I must say it looks like an expencive appartment building. :) I can suggest one thing though, change skybox, the one you use now is very boxy. ;)

lol thanks guys. If you really want one dig since you in TBC, I might be able to savenge one up, since the people above me dont pay their rent ;-)

Uh oh run the land lords after us. Very nice dios


Hey, one of the rooms in there is mine!


8/10. I like it overall, but the two balcony parts stick out funny, and they just irk me. Nice job mang.

9.5/10 :) nice job. I a room booked :) lol