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I don't know about those other sad map makers, but I am still going to make maps after v21.

Let me introduce some new maps I made specifically for v21:

Welcome to Blockland

This started as a mental image of what a land of blocks would look like. This is pretty much the fabulous result.
Includes my first custom made skybox.

Download (v2) -, 2.39 MB (MediaFire)
However, you can grab the old version (v1): Download (v1) -, 2.3 MB (MediaFire)

Changes from v1 to v2:
  • Removed grass foliage by request
  • Tinted grass texture to better suit the environment lighting

Calor Abrasador

A dry endless desert, absolutely no clouds whatsoever.
(The lens flare is actually a part of the map, load up a build and look at parts of your build from different angles with the flare visible. It looks quite nice.)

Download (v1) -, 545 KB (MediaFire)

Freedom Plains

"A endless and smooth plain"

Freedom Plains, sadly a map that will be the forced successor of Freedom Fields. I decided to make a Freedom Fields slate version because of the complements on the skybox. Plus, it deserved to be converted out of all of my previous maps.

Download (v1) -, 3 MB (MediaFire)

Constructive feedback is welcomed. If there is a problem that needs to be fixed in one of these maps, please post it here or message me.

Take note of this:
Even though these maps are made for v21 they likely wont be v21-ready. Because of the new engine changes and the way maps will be made, don't be surprised if these maps don't work upon the release of the update.
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You could probably port that Forest map to slate, you made that right?

Whoa slate maps are gonna look better than i expect

I really like the skybox of the first map. Very well done.

I absolutely love Welcome to Blockland, nice job!

The grass is the best part.

It looks awkwardly big
From the angle it does look quite big. But the tallest grass goes up to a normal-sized blockhead's neck.
If I get more replies to remove the grass I will do so.

Remove the grass tufts. All they do is penetrate through baseplates and cause ugly all over the place.

Remove the grass tufts. All they do is penetrate through baseplates and cause ugly all over the place.
Pretty much this