I am working on a gimmick for a very important person. What name do you prefer?

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6 (60%)
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Author Topic: Blockland Fighting Tournament - USING THE BLOCK BUTTON TILL CHRISTMAS  (Read 10427 times)

help us lord 11 days left and youngrotations still isnt fixing his god damn stage on my server

.. That'll take me 10 minutes man

Fear my corny jokes!!!

lol who voted for me?


 Name & ID: Quontos 17189

 Good or Bad: Bad

 Gimmick: The Smoke Smuggler

 Theme Song: Smoke weed erry day

  Youtube Vid of Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&NR=1&v=KlujizeNNQM

This app is not rushed. This app is not a joke. Weed is awesome, and i shall fight for it.

More about the Gimmick: I speak in raps, total gangster, hittin licks, flippin bricks, the usual. Oh, and i smoke bud.


Smokin weed in the ring, knock you out with a bong
bitches flat on their face, hear the ding ding dong
i smoke up on the dro an i pass it 2 ninja
so ima go score a hoe 4 dis cool lil brotherh
i throw a left, juke him right
brothers blockin, up tight
pull a dirty move, blow smoke in 'is eyes
duck down, shoot up, uppercut and he flies
hits the ground, knocked out, thought he was gonna die
now i gotta go bake special brownies an a pie

yall hear me freestyle & u know my game
ya without my green ganja, it just aint the same
so before u step up all talkin trash
take a look at your face, git ready for a gash
so step up bitch, and ill slap u hard wit ma richard
and all you other motherforgetin brothers aint got stuff
its your last day alive, an u kno that this is it
cuz this match here will be a one hit quit bitch

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Your name and BL_ID - TurtleCopter, ID: 19353

I guess I'll be a bad guy. :c

Your gimmick - Is a cyborg (Half-human, half-machine).

Your theme music - Excision & Downlink - Existence (VIP)

Guys, we already have all the wrestlers. You can't apply anymore

Guys, we already have all the wrestlers. You can't apply anymore
the voting is looking good for you bud

Guys, we already have all the wrestlers. You can't apply anymore

Pablo I've got money down on you. GO GET 'EM TIGER!

Sorry Jericho for being away but i'll send you the files tonight if i can

Going to have to drop out, sorry. Not good at commiting to events like this.

Yes.. i have to drop out to.

I will be gone all day Wednesday.

Best of luck to the rest of you.