I am working on a gimmick for a very important person. What name do you prefer?

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6 (60%)
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Author Topic: Blockland Fighting Tournament - USING THE BLOCK BUTTON TILL CHRISTMAS  (Read 10433 times)

Your name and BL_ID - TimtheTumbleweed 11007
Your gimmick - I make purposely bad comebacks, I have a heavy voice and I douche sometimes.
Your theme music - AC/DC - Jail Break

Your name and BL_ID -  Kyro, 11637
Would you rather be a "good guy" or a "bad guy"? Guess I'm a bad guy...
Your gimmick - When I lose, I act like I have won, and vice versa.
Your theme music - Brocas Helm - Cry of the Banshee

Why do I have 16 votes lol

Bump and major new things.

I have not touched this project in awhile, mainly because I can't keep track of who is dropping out and getting in anymore.
So I am going to do things a little differently now.

In order to apply for BFT, you must come to the server. Applying on the forum was easy at the start but now I can't keep track of anything and it's easier for me to do it ingame, that way I can go ahead and train you as soon as you are accepted.

Also, people seem to not know what a "gimmick" is.
Allow me to explain

Example of not a gimmick:
"very good sportmanship!! will knock down anytone in my path!!!!"
The problem with this one is that a gimmick is your personality, as in what colors you wear, your name you call yourself, if you talk in first or third person, your catchphrases. "is strong" is not really a gimmick.

Example of a gimmick:

And that is how its done.

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Alright, I am finally returning with this, and I promise to keep this date loud and clear.

Christmas time 2012 is when I host it.
It is a long time for something that seems so small, but there is a lot of work to do. And because I have lost track of all fighters due to poor records, I have decided to change signing up a bit.

There are now 3 categories you can choose to fill, more reasons to get in, and the best part is that now you have to PM your application to me.

Working on the topic and new system at the moment