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manly squirt mod one: salty

manly squirt mod 2: flowy

manly squirt mod 3: demonitey

manly squirt mod 4: clotty
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Lmao found the Anti Social social Club

Lmao found the Anti Social social Club
wtf i can't believe it took u this long to find the blockland forums

btw nice stuff unova

blood butcherer. from terraria

you cannot make a better name for this



tetraflame bow

a shield

Oh, I never mentioned this, but I made a dither brush set for Photoshop
It's helpful

what to name this???
(if the bullet fired doesnt hit anything it has a chance to refire itself at the nearest enemy)

please i seriously cant think of anything

i named it twilight
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nyctar (its a pun)


wands of some sort

I don't like the way i drew this

edit: resized

rename to terraria sprite thread



drakanian spear

short bluish clock