Author Topic: Trouble with the brush  (Read 10979 times)

Ok i will just lay it down.
I went on slate desert 4 by demian, pressed f8, went away from the character, went into terrain editor, clicked brush, circle-soft-25x25
now whenever i click+drag the ground it shows nothing! no sign of a brush, its like i set nothing! (btw i did the action thing too, "adjust height")

i would really like an answer soon.

Slate maps are a large, flat interior. They don't have terrain. An alternative is Aphtonites's "Flatlands" map. It's like Slate but instead it uses terrain so most mappers use it as a blank canvas. You can find his maps here.

i also have a problem with texture editing, i use a texture while in f8 but when im standing on the newly textured groud its grass instead of the texture i changed it to.