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JMatton Extremly Offensive.

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I wouldn't normally do this but, JMatton ID 539, He's been building Swastikas and making the cross then setting it alight.... Its sorta offenceve. Pictures:

Some people need to get lifes...

You can get somebody banned from Blockland for saying the "N" word or talking about national socialists. There was even a national socialist clan...

Internet tribals are attention whoring friends.

Yes, they are.

immature little bastards, who are just joking around trying to have "fun" if it offends you, then if they ever are in a server where your admin kik them , i wouldnt recomend banning if they are joking . ive been on servers where they have done that stuff but they are not tribal they are joking but they take things to far sometimes. (isnt there some time in your life where you have made a tribal comment? be honest folks ;)..)


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