Author Topic: Made my first map but has 2 issues  (Read 13572 times)

I made my first map but it has issues. ( I edited from Flatlands )

1. I spawn under the map

2. Weird texture glitch (grass shows when close up but normal textures show when farther away)

Close to textures

Farther away from textures

To solve spawning under the map you just move the spawnSphere up above ground.

>Load map.
>As soon as you spawn, hit F8.
>Go into Mission Editor.
>Near your spawn will be a little white-ish shape.
>Click it.
>It should now be highlighted with a red sphere surrounding it.
>Move the spawnSphere up above the terrain.

The spawn is fixed. How do I get rid of the overriding grass texture? It's not even added in Texture Painter.

I remember someone having the same problem before, I'll look for the topic.

EDIT: Here you go.

DOUBLE EDIT BECAUSE I'M A MEGA BEAR: I know you're not asking for stylized help, but if I were you I would smooth out the mountainsa little bit. :)
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I cannot seem to fix this problem yet!
I have changed the "detailTexture" to "Add-Ons/Map_Kitty/detail1" and nothing happened!
Is the grass supposed to change instantly to the detail1 image?
Do I have to save the map, then open it?
Where am supposed to save this detail1.png? Please halp! D:

is detail1.png in your map's zip?