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I made my first map. It is called "Benchmark Canyon".
It is a man-made pottery canyon with smothering purple fog. The ground above is a weird red plastic. Do not criticize too harshly as this is a first map.
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It looks good for a first map. I hope you can make more in the future.

It looks good for a first map. I hope you can make more in the future.

With V21 coming upon us very soon, I wish I would have got into mapmaking earlier.

People were saying it would come in February, then March, and so on. I think you have some time.

We always have v14

Looks very nice for a first map. Most of them are uncreative "tropical ilsand" maps with palm trees spammed or "advenutre hills" with bumpy default grass terrain.

I really like this. All it needs is a better skybox, perhaps an open starry sky.

I just noticed why this map caught my interest, it reminds me of the END in Minecraft.

Looks really nice for a first map, I like it.

Also hasn't Badspots server got a password on it now? That usually means he is testing the next version and it should be released in the coming months or something.

Bump for a random reason and to keep this alive
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Not a fan of the sky,and I like everything else,im not gonna DL because I would have no use for it.

For a first map, I say that it's very good!
I'm looking forward to more maps in the future!