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Author Topic: League of Legends - Megathread  (Read 343625 times)

Big Bad Jellyfish asked me where leona's legs were when i showed him a picture of leona and i didnt get what he meant untill i actually looked

idk about you guys but at a glance it looks like she has no legs

You can clearly see them.

Is blind pick always this hateful? For the past few games, I've gotten nothing but tryhard, kill hoarders on my team who do nothing but insult me for the slightest mistake. I'm not saying it offends me, It just puts me off to know this is what ranked has in store for me. I'm only a poor, little level 25 playing blind pick, c'mon!

I have experienced this alot lately. People just blatantly hating. Jungler always get all the stuff.

How to Gragas and not die can someone tell me

gettin back in the groove

the leona one was super weird.

our renekton left after he died a few times claiming it was lag
the enemy team had anivia mid, leblanc and veigar roaming, heim solo bot, and volibear top

doing my placement matches

ever get that loving

awful feeling

when youre winning lane but literally every other lane is feeding

and the jungler dies with the laner whenever he ganks

and at 15 minutes the score is 1 - 17


the last three placement games in a row

here i come bronze V

edit: still mad. going to place in bronze because i keep getting loving down syndrome teams that feed every lane.

how the forget are these even considered placements? it's more of a luck-of-the-draw on whether or not you get a bunch of window-licking mouthbreathers or actual human beings on your team. and what's worse is that as I lose games it keeps putting me at lower and lower elo until i'm playing with loving turd guzzling handicaps.

i think i might stay out of the competitive scene for league. it's a loving joke.
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I've been lvl 30 in half a year. Don't have the nerves really to enter ranked.. and don't have any reason to do so atm anyway so... yeah well. What I'm looking for is this champ that will carry his team even though they are idiots. I need soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning fool-proof.

the way i see it is once you're out of your placements playing ranked is basically a way to get better. yes, you could complain about everyone on your team, but alternatively you could get good enough to carry them. i had the same mentality you guys did until i decided yolo and binge-ranked for like a month or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning and went from silver 4 to gold 3. i honestly think if you're not playing ranked and you're level 30, you're not getting better because nobody takes normals seriously and how the hell are you supposed to improve if you're not playing against people that are your level

just my 2 cents tho

going fizz or akali and snowballing all over the dribbling faces of mouthbreathers doesnt really strike me as a constructive use of time, considering that you're never going to actually go 30/1/10 on fizz in a game with people who know what they're doing.

i mean i like playing support, adc, and jungle. but the only way I'm going to advance is to play a hyper carry and do 99% of the work in 50% of the time. it doesnt really impress anybody worth impressing really, i mean would anyone think im a good player because i single-handedly won a game as yasuo at 900 elo?

i mean it's ridiculous, and the fact that you have to learn to play a completely different and stuffty game in order to get to the part where it actually gets fun doesn't seem like it's even worth the time.

i never said you have to play a hypercarry because you seriously don't.

this is the reason i got to gold.

you can carry your team from the jungle, support is hard mode but whatever, all other lanes you can obviously carry from. and i'm not saying you should play ranked to impress the people you're playing ranked with / your friends / however you're taking what i'm saying. i'm saying you should play ranked to improve your playing because despite what i've heard a lot of people say, normals don't mean stuff and people don't care what they do. in ranked at least you have "soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning to lose" and once you get out of bronze/silver you'll realize that. gold isn't much better but at least people take it somewhat seriously.

And stocking finally realizes she has no idea what she's doing

okay so how do i figure out what items to buy for my champion when I'm playing? Do I just pick items from the recommended things? or should I follow those build guides that people put up?

Recommended items are much less reliable than playermade build guides.
I'd say check a few different build guides and then if you're not satisfied do experimentation on your own.

my first perfect game <3

And stocking finally realizes she has no idea what she's doing

wow okay i'll play, what are you talking about