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Although I am generally against MySpace, with all it's child enthusiasts and complete failures, I had fun with one today.  I was getting paid to sit in an air conditioned office and make a page for my work.  Check it out:  I should be doing more work on it over the week.  If you guys have any suggestions I'd love to here them.

By the way, the cat in the slideshow is actually me.


Something seems odd, other than that fact that it's myspays. I think that it's the text being misaligned.

Why are you wearing a fur-suit...?

Why are you wearing a fur-suit...?
I noticed that also

"Baxter looking for some"

My job is mostly shelving books.  I get to wear the cat suit on special occasions.


I believe that his job is to put books on shelves in some library in Maine. I wonder what he wrote on his resume to get that one.

Edit: He just said it himself while I was posting.

I didn't have to write a resume, I went to the library a lot as a kid.  They just offered me the job.

I don't really care for the layout, that's why I need tips to make it more lovey.  The librarians are all old, and they choose most of the stuff.