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The actual arena bit looks very oblong

Omg thats amazing.

How long did it take?

I actually forgot, but i had a concept in my mind so it made it easier to create the concourses and design.

The actual arena bit looks very oblong

Not anymore until this update....=o

Alright so here is a huge update, i am currently working on the corners.  Its a slow progress but it will be worth it so far!  Here is the pictures, enjoy!

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Now making corners lol

my eyes
they burn
from the awesome.

Do hockey arenas even have that many seats? No matter, this looks pretty cool, wish I had a computer that could support all of those bricks.
Yes they have that many seats I've been to them.

Well i am done with the corners!  The lower bowl should take shape shortly.....

Hello everyone, throughout this summer I have worked on this place.  Major progress was done this summer which i am satisfied.  However, when school starts up again I wont have as much time to work on this.  =s  Anyways, since V21 (or called 1982) is out, I have decided to update this thread.  Enjoy the pictures everyone!  Surburb will also update the original post soon.  The current seating capacities have been updated as well.  *The orange pillars are temp by the way**

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With that many bricks, a lot of people will lag if they look at it.

But aside from that looks cool.

Eh its okay, Still better then anything i could build 8/10

swat. suburb. have my babies.

love pictures are love

and i think the orange pillars fit in pretty well tbh but i guess its not realistic.

It looks epic with v21!! Anyway, good luck for the next part of rounds xd

It looks epic with v21!! Anyway, good luck for the next part of rounds xd

Thanks Sylv!  Anyways, I finished the corners of the suites.  However i need to work on the 2 restaurants that are on the side.  I just need to build table, chairs, a bar, etc.  It should look great when i get to that stuff.  Here is some more pictures of the progress!

These are the two restaurants areas, a view from the kitchen door and its an overview.  Also, they both have stairs down to a section where you can watch the game and dine.  c=

....Now we close out the day with these pictures.  c=