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now the bunch of nerds thread

haha wow guys squartle got us, theres no way we're beating that, just wowzers

he posted in the thread, he has called himself a nerd

So technically, if we made Fusion happen, and we couldn't contain it, we'd all die because we'd be making a mini sun that we couldn't contain?
hory stuff, people actually try to do this?
Well, it would possibly cause a lot of damage if uncontained.

But then also consider the fact that for fusion to happen, we have to fuel it. That fuel is Hydrogen. If we stop pumping Hydrogen in to it, as would be the case if it were to no longer be contained, it would run out of fuel.
The sun keeps on going, since it has billions and billions of tonnes of Hydrogen. And once it's done with the Hydrogen it'll try to do the same with the Helium in it.
I don't know how the plans work for the various fusion reactors being built across the world, but presumably there would be some way to siphon off Helium, in order to deprive it of additional fuel, and also to use the Helium, since we have a global shortage.

As recompense for the two sciencey posts, I give two sciencey (fusion) jokes.

protip: 9gag is trash

try pleated-jeans instead

I am trying to imagine the news if cops were actually doing this.