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i can never take this seriously. it just seems like this is a comedy central sketch
You just described the majority of US politics right now

Not funny, but related.

After watching the research and seeing her reaction Red-chan could tell Akiko-chan felt very uncomfortable, but there was a hint of arousal and curiosity. Red-chan had already experimented so she could she these reactions, she had them at first too. Red-chan slowly moved her hand toward Akiko-chan. As she moved closer their hands interlocked in a very loose, and very delicate, grip. Akiko-chan started to blush heavily; her porcelain white skin quickly turning to a faint pink. Red-chan whispered into her ear, "Don't worry, I know you're new to this. I've done this before. I'll be gentle." Akiko-chan trusted her, why not? They have been good friends for over a year now. At this point the most she was worried about was preforming poorly for Red-chan.

The two girls couldn't just fulfill their desires in the middle of the library so Red-chan took her laptop and guided Akiko-chan to an old projector room. Still hand-in-hand Red-chan slowly opened the door using the key she got from the librarian's assistant, given to her after she went into the room with him last week. Red-chan closed the door and turned off the lights. As she hooked up her laptop to the projector Akiko-chan was lost in thought. She wanted to be a really good friend with Red-chan, but was unsure of what her next move should be. Taking a leap of faith, she slowly started to undress. She started with her blouse and moved down to her skirt. She was now down to only her underwear.

By now, Red-chan had finished setting up the projector and continued to play the research they had been watching. Before she could turn around Akiko-chan had walked up to her and started caressing her arm slowly. "A bit eager aren't we Akiko-chan?" Red-chan said in a slightly giddy voice, "I can tell you'll do just fine, now time for my move." Red-chan pushed Akiko-chan onto the table and she moved closer into her. Red-chan slowly started pressing her lips against Akiko-chan's body, watching carefully for where her sweet spot was. After several minutes of kissing and feeling each other's young supple breasts Red-chan quietly whispered into Akikio-chan's ear, "Now it's time for the real show. Don't be afraid, I'll guide you through it. Take off your underwear."

Instantly after hearing this Akiko-chan eagerly, but slowly, pulled off her underwear. This was the first time she had been naked in front of another person. She felt her vagina getting wetter and wetter. She wanted to be eaten out so badly now. And she had Red-chan to thank for it. Both girls were breathing heavier, anticipating the bonding of body and soul they were about to experience. Their bodies squeezed together tight now and for some unknown time they locked lips, the only thing heard being the rapidly increasing heartbeats of the young girls. Red-chan broke the grip and started moving her hands down Akiko-chan's body, stopping just short of her vagina. She then removed her lips from Akiko-chan's mouth and started slowly moving down her body, following the path of her hands but not gently kissing. It felt very good for Akiko-chan but at the same time it was starting to tickle. Just as Red-chan's eager lips were about to reach her clitoris she gave in a let out a small laugh. Hearing, this Red-chan immediately looked up and screamed, "YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE!" She jumped off of Akiko-chan's hot body and put back on her clothes with no hesitation. She ripped her laptop out of the projector and left without another word.

Akiko-chan wonder if she would ever see Red-chan again after what she did. Unfortunately, she knew the answer.
hat am i reading