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Hello, there people I recently made a cool concert server that has a lot of effort put into it and tomorrow at 14:00 GMT I am happy to do a recording for YouTube and it would help if i had a big crowd the server is deadmau5 themed so i have changed my name to -Deadmau5- to make the concert feel more like deadmau5 is doing it and to let you know it is mainly deadmau5 themed and music. Warning: I Understand that some of you may get unhappy about this BUT I can use this name for a while because -Deadmau5- is not copyrighted because it has a hyper at each end i will be changing my name to Matv1999 so if you may do not get moody about this then quite happily join the server. Thank you for reading an thank you for the support


Name of server: -Deadmau5-'s Deadmau5 themed concert

WARNING: from now and whenever i stop hosting I will be RAPIDLY hosting the server
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Sorry 1 thing the name of the server is -Deadmau5-'s deadmau5 themed concert server
(I don't mean to a double post)

That is what YoungRotations does.

That is what YoungRotations does.

Wow what? Pressing buttons to activate lights is now claim by Youngrotation?

I was actually inspired by Gentoo to do my stuff so please don't get the idea that this is my thing and only my thing.

Looks cool man! Keep at it

i dont know anything about them ive started it my self and all i am asking for is people to go on there at 14:00 GMT
so i can record its only for fun guys plus it does look quite cool

heh, love that deadmau5 head build.

heh, love that deadmau5 head build.

It does look derpy LOL!!! :cookie: