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Looks pretty cool, though I have to say the orange-y stone color looks a bit odd next to the white and blue snow

Where was this map when i was filming insane blockland skiing 3?

I played on your server when you were hosting with this map a few days ago and I loved skiing there.

For pro Skiiers.

Wait a minute, bri guy...?

Where the forget have you been? Hasn't it been like 5 years?


Yeah your last post was in 2007 haha wtf dude. This looks awesome but holy stuff random appearance.

Vh my name on BL is Herecy now ID 216, long time no see

Nothing about this reminds me of Alaska. I can say that since Alaska is my home state. You should use textures that don't come stock with Blockland and use grey rocks instead of dirt textures.

This map of the resort that I go to every winter season should give you an idea: Alyeska

This reminds me of my Ski Resort map, the whole idea was for it to be extreme skiing. It's funny that you would come back and post this map exactly a week before the update.

The sky works well with this map.  Also, to fix the lighting, or at least some of it, put it to equal values on rgb.  You could always make the fog a tad bit more blue to fake it out.

Thanks for the pro map tips fellas but this was just a quick release for those who want to do some skiing before v21

Vh my name on BL is Herecy now ID 216, long time no see


i know you

Why is everyone so certain that v21 will come out on August 8th?
What do those past updates have to do with v21?