Favorite sky?

16 (25.8%)
13 (21%)
Gray Sky
8 (12.9%)
Green Mountains (Removed)
11 (17.7%)
Hazy Lake
11 (17.7%)
3 (4.8%)

Total Members Voted: 62

Author Topic: Mega Bear's Unique Skies - UPDATE 8/18/2012  (Read 6987 times)

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Looks great, reminds me of terrain.

Time to go ahead and make pyroland.


Pack updated. Please re-download from the OP.

v1 to v2 changelog:
Removed Green Mountains skybox due to low quality.
Fixed Calm's top texture being incorrectly rotated.

You waited until after BC was pointless to release this stuff, of course lol.

updated at my brithday :D