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Exploding Platforms DM [[NOW ON RTB]]

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Recommended for 3-9 players

This is a gamemode I made based off of a server I did a few months ago.

How it Works

Basically what you do is you shoot the blue and green cores of the platforms to blow them up.
Blue cores take one shot and green cores take two shots within 1.75 seconds of each other.

Corner platforms are spawn platforms.
Spawn platforms do not blow up and kill you if you stay on them for more than 8 seconds.

There's a push broom in the center of the map that respawns every 80 seconds.
Since the Flying Push Broom Mod is a required add-on, the push broom lets you fly!


NOTE: If you do not download the required add-ons, don't complain that it "doesn't work".

Assist Kills (Required)
Flying Push Broom Mod (Required)
Zone Events (Required)
Zone Bricks (Required)

Exploding Platforms DM

Special thanks to Boom for the idea and Sponge for making a custom event for me

RTB Mod Thread

Sounds fun.

stuff this is fun. Probly the best gamemode here so far.

Thanks! :D

Dark Fire:
I remember this, glad you fixed the spawns. :D


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