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Jeep Sumo

Jeep Sumo Gamemode is an idea taken from this video on 'Blockland' Channel on YouTube

What you do is get in a jeep (There are 8 jeeps, 2 spawns & 2 jeeps at each corner)

-Fixed the pictures
-Made the jeeps less likely to glitch

-Glitch into ground when spawned

Don't know any others :)

Q: Where are the jeeps?
A: Just click where you think they would be

Q: Do you die when you fall of?
A: Yes

Q: Does the jeep respawn?
A: Yes, it will explode in about 5 seconds of falling into the lava

Q: Why is the map so big?
A: Didn't notice how big until I was done, I might scale it down


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What i wanted for a long time.

Making one myself, but in custom after my jeep sumo extreme in the bedroom died.

eloel. i couldve had this in bedroom. I found the save from baddy's youtube video. I got it in wedges save pack :/

I've always loved jeep sumo :3