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Alert: Impostor on Blockland

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There have been a few impostors of me going around Blockland recently.

They have the names "Ace" but usually followed by "918" "819" or some combination of 3 numbers. They try to act like me, and they use the same clan tags that I have, one of which is a very exclusive clan, Meta-Clan, the other being TBC.

I found the ID of one: 1230

If you see these impostors, ban them. They spam, and try to make me look bad. I walked into a server once while one of them was doing this.

Please, help catch these impostors.

-The REAL Ace

How do we know you are the real Ace?

I trust you. People do this all the time. Just ignore them and don't pay them any attention. Or if you want, just play along and correct them if they do something that you wouldn't do! Make some fun out of it!

Maybe, just maybe, it was another person with the name "ace" Its not the most original name on the planet.


I guess ill play the ignoring game.  :cookieMonster:

We shall see what happens then.


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