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The long awaited sequel for the hit-cult game Blockland has finally been announced. The game will follow the traditional gameplay focusing on the construction of miniature plastic objects, with some new twists, and upgrades that fully take advantage of the capabilities of modern computational power.


Yes, physics. Long awaited, and long requested, Blockland 2 will feature physics! But the physics go far beyond what anyone previously imagined. You will be able to knock around bricks (which are fully destructible now, including gibs), other players, and vehicles. With enough force, you may even move large physical objects like the bed in bedroom, or knock down the lamp on the dresser.

The new physics engine is upgraded massively. Collisions are represented as a bunch of nodes representing the atoms of the structure, connected through rigid bones, which freely rotate. Every object expresses a small amount of "give" when someone bumps into it. Solid objects have rigid bones, liquids are simulated with loose bones, and gasses have no bones. Objects and movements are now simulated down the the molecular level.

Furthermore, there is a new fluid dynamics calculation system. Solid objects act on the semi-rigid nature of fluid to push them in a realistic manner. You can now trap liquids in containers. You can also trap gasses in some containers. Moving objects around influences the air, creating small changes in the air patterns (much more noticeable as a mini-figure, you can push people around with the wind). Flowing liquids push and create force against physical objects. If enough force builds up, weak containers may break or rupture.

Next feature... AI... Coming soon.


Wait.. what?
And why is this in Drama?
I'm confused now...

It would be cool if it was true, well, it could be, but unless Badspot has put a good team together, it probably wouldn't happen.


--- Quote from: Spartan300 on August 15, 2007, 03:41:02 PM ---Wait.. what?
And why is this in Drama?
I'm confused now...

--- End quote ---

thus, just creating drama   ):D


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