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The Prophet:
For got sakes I'm in the middle of posting and it's locked, I'm posting about it anyway, even if what I was going to say isn't that important as the topic itself.

--- Quote from: Azerath on August 16, 2007, 02:31:10 AM ---I had the idea before him. He just posted it before me. (The, she could just steal a picture idea)

--- End quote ---
You mean the idea if it was a he, he would use other girl images instead of not posting at all, or something else?

--- Quote from: Game master pro on August 16, 2007, 02:46:21 AM ---Or this person:

--- End quote ---
link dead XD


--- Quote ---i wanted to greet you guys, not fight
--- End quote ---

Suddenly, I feel bad.  Mind you, I probably wouldn't take back anything I said for a second.

yes link dead. heehee

i didnt want to talk about me, im here to discuss blockland stuff.
i already know about me, im bored of that topic.

It was probably a joke pic anyway.

The Prophet:

--- Quote from: cookie ---ill be joining games, so see you all later
--- End quote ---
Stop saying "joining games" it's "joining servers"


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