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freak out, fly out of bed and smash your head onto a wall by accident
You look and see that your hands are slowly turning purple.. and you find that your entire self is slowly becoming purple..

What do you do?

become my original character, Kirbe.

You find yourself in a cave, naked, and alone.

What do you do?

"Damnit batman, quit stripping me when I'm asleep."
Then go back to sleep. :I

Your stranded on a deserted island. You go to walk around the beach in search of some food or materials and stub your toe. Low and behold: A lamp! You rub the lamp vigorously and a purple flaming guy pops out. "I will grant you FOUR wishes... Choose wisely." You remember being told stories of genies as a child, but not purple flaming ones... What do you do?

I wish this is not a trap. I wish that you not be a malevolent spirit. I wish that you wouldn't twist any of my wishes. I wish for two more wishes. I wish to get home. I wish for you to be my servant who would grant all my wishes.

You are dead. A ghost. What will you do?