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With these changes, the total percentage of Blockland users who can run shaders should increase from 57% to 66%.



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What BLID are you playing on?  Do minimum shaders work?  Is there a difference between low/high/medium/etc ?

What BLID are you playing on?  Do minimum shaders work?  Is there a difference between low/high/medium/etc ?
21073. Yes, Low FPS but yes.




Very High:


Stupid floating-point precision

It seems the shadows are merging with the bricks, making weird patterns.

According to the master server, you don't have any support for shaders at all.  You should probably update your drivers.

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

So, does this mean shaders won't work for me whatsoever, or should I just carry on anyway?

I'm doing this by following your tutorial, just in case you should know.

those shaders are trying too hard, lol

When shader quality is on high I get these little slashes, when on ultra they are still there but less noticeable.
This is on max, on this face the hashes are gone now on this building.

This is a different building, the hashes are a lot less noticeable on max.

Also there are lines on the ground, not matter the setting.

Edit: These lines follow me around.

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Either Shadows are reading the same internet pages im on... Or....The Shadows Are actully PRINTED INTERNET PAGES FROM MY COMPUTER.

Well look at that, yay!

I still can't run shaders but I see the development is speeding up more and more, so it's probably not going to take that long before I can! Blockland still looks amazing without the shaders though.

I can indeed run shaders pretty well-ish now with no visual artifacts or tearing. My only issue is FPS, now.
No Shaders - 60-80 average
Minimum - 15-20 average
Low - 13-15 average
Medium - 10-12 average
High - 10-12 average
Very High - 7-10 average
Max / Ultra - 3-5 average

Still getting an unexplained error in compiling the shaders. I even deleted my shaders folder, and had the launcher redownload them. But I'm still getting the error that I mentioned earlier.