If you could control the average BL user/forumer's age, how old would they be?

I stand neutral on the matter.
I hate all age groups collectively. ♥

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Jesus I thought you were way older than that good job being mature

5+ as anyone below the age of five can not have the mental capability and hand eye coordination to efficiently operate a computer and would, therefore, be useless.

I wouldn't mind it being 18+ (as long as I could still be here)
Because then I wouldn't have to post censored anime pics and could just go all out.
It would be glorious.

u dont remember??


u dont remember??
My sig is relevant.
And yes that is the forum I dream about.

The forums would pull a 4chan and would develop a community of friendy 13-49 year olds who just go to the 18+ sections and complain, while every other forum section becomes so niche that it's not even worth trying to have a discussion.