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What is is made up of lobbies where users take turns "DJing", playing songs from Youtube and Soundcloud. Most of the lobbies are devoted to Electronic Dance Music however there are a few that aren't.

Users are free to create their own rooms however rooms that haven't been visited in 30 days are automatically deleted. Lobby administration is divided up into different levels of power, all appointed by host and manager. (I'm pretty sure but I have to double check that) I, personally, think it's a good idea to leave the max plays per DJ to 1, so that way everyone gets a chance to play their song.  

To create a list of songs that you want to play while DJing, simply click "My playlists", and you can search Youtube and Soundcloud to generate a list of songs.

Avatars, points, and fans
Avatars can be unlocked by gaining points. You can gain points when someone becomes your fan, when you "woot" a song, and etc. To become a fan of someone's, click on their avatar and click "Become a fan" That user will be notified and maybe they'll fan you back :)

Uh, think that's about. Short and sweet. If you want to check out my lobby, go here. I encourage all of you to give it a try if you like EDM. I hope all of you that sign up have a good time, and I'll probably add a lot more to the OP tomorrow. It's kind of late and im kind of tired.

oh hey you made a megathread for it, nice

oh hey you made a megathread for it, nice
Well, I don't like making a thread just to advertise for my room