Author Topic: Got my driving permit and getting new car (Pix on 4)  (Read 10179 times)

goddamn it's like glass is the scapegoat of the world for some reason.
glass is a spoiled richkid yeah but there's literally no valid reason to gather personal data on him and his kin.

can we go back to the actually civil discussion we had in the first place?

A Monte Carlo would be a great solution when it came to insurance (liability assuming). Gas and maintenance is where you might strike out. Insurance on an 08 car with a new driver will be much different than a Monte Carlo with a relatively experienced driver.

You have a lot to learn, my friend. A lot.

I have a 2008 Monte Carlo SS, and I can't take my licence test for another ~2 1/2 weeks, and insurance really isn't bad at all.
Then again, its also not a price that I could pay myself at the moment.