Author Topic: I think I want to kill my mom.  (Read 14246 times)

wear not outdated rubber, not a sock

Sure it costs money to keep them in jail, but a life of endless imprisonment seems more terrible, imo, than death.

Agreed. But lets keep the discussion on topic.

I really don't want to hear about you on the 9 o-clock news Iban. Make the right choice, not the first one.

Talk to a school teacher about it.

Talk to a school teacher about it.

I'd rather die than to talk to some post menopausal bible thumper about me wanting to murder a parent with a steak knife. What the forget would that solve?

You need a girlfriend... or a boy good friend, someone to knock some sense into you, or help you out.

Instead, you rant about it online, which solves nothing, but proving to everyone that you are a total nut case.

Ever tried talking to you mother? Probably think that's worse than talking to a teacher, but either that, or you'll wish you did 3 days after the fact that she's 6 feet under, and you're 6 inches deeper.

No. No No No. I'm not here to talk about my problems.