Author Topic: Brain Bleach  (Read 1830 times)

For anyone who doesn't know.

Discuss this potent mind-cleaner, along with anything you use to clear away bad memories.

I really need this after the "tell disgusting stories" thread

I need some brain bleach.

I just read through a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet about creationism.

It's not, it's a bunch of pictures of cute animals.

Looks suspicious.
Someone confirm if it's a screamer.
Perfectly safe and genuinely cute.

ill cll amanda todd, shell h00k us up.

we must protect the secret
MadManforMayor: what is kidbleach
Officer Sandvich: a trap link
Officer Sandvich: dont go there
MadManforMayor: what does it do
Officer Sandvich: screamers
MadManforMayor: ah
MadManforMayor: k

Anyone watch videos for brain bleach? I personally enjoy videogame podcasts like Totalbiscuit and Cr1tikal.