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Author Topic: Flamecannon'sDrawingsDotNet  (Read 128518 times)

Welcome to the Flamecannon Emporium of Designer Living!
I now have a tumblr, check it out!

Furthermore I will be taking requests! It can be as discrete as giving a personal message (which will result in me posting the image here regardless most likely) or just shoutin' it like "YOU SHOULD DRAW A HUGE richard" or whatever pleases you. But in reality I ain't gonna draw nothin' nasty.


Click on the image to view the preview video!

Performing every week this... Hmm... Iunna


Link to Stream : http://www.twitch.tv/speedslasher

Previous Streams:

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Enjoy our state of the art designer furniture for your pleasure!


My hand-drawn style is sketchy. My digital style is often cartoony and pixelated. Although I probably could go a step higher with other programs, for a while I've been using Paint.Net. I lack a tablet as well, therefore I use a mouse. I believe that the mouse is a great tool for sharp and accurate lines and marks, however it lacks pressure detection and the such.

Back up top! - To the drawings index!

Back up top! - To the drawings index!

アフタヌーンカジュアル 面白いではありません

Watch Kevin, whom is yours truly, and his good friend Johnny as they partake in a variety of games! We're basically the run-of-the-mill chumps who fall into gaming slumps! Check out our channel, Afternoon Casuals, here!

Animal Crossing
Harvest Moon Magical Melody
Rune Factory
Resident Evil
Sonic Adventure

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Please get excited for "Adventuring Children!"

Facepalm had posted a neat sprite in the Pixel Art topic, and Flatflyer suggested that it would be a great boss. And thus, this project was born. As of now the name of the game is a work in progress. I'd need to finalize story things and the game to decide on it.

This is a game planned to be a mix between Mother, Pokemon, and Shin Megami Tensei. The tank sprite above was graciously made by FacePalm, and it birthed this project!

A house in the village. I was aiming for a modern-esque cabin style.

Interior shots are angled similarly to that of Paper Mario.

Your rival is planned to always be the opposite/complementary color of yours. Your friendship with him/her play a big part in your journey.

The main basis of the story is that you are an ambitious youth (instead of a child living with your family, you are simply a youth who lives alone in a secluded village) whom, with your rival, are preparing for a journey across the world to see the sights, as per village tradition. One night, your rival comes over and needs to vent with you, so you both head off into the forest. After some conversations, you reach a clearing in the forest. Two strange gauntlets shine bright within the moonlight, and you both decide it is a great idea to put them on. Lo and behold, as you fiddle with the gauntlet, 4 warriors emerge from the gauntlet. The gauntlet is a summoning device of sorts that will digitally spawn an entity from a chip that can be used for battle. The rest of the game is your travels with your friends around the world, and you uncover the backstory behind the gauntlets. The backstory is floating around the topic.

The Gauntlet is a rustic, tacky device. It sports a sleek touchpad screen, along with 4 indicators to show the status of summons. It is currently unnamed.

The sprites thus far, minus a few that aren't on yet. A few are simply requests however and will not be used.

Gameplay follows this fashion; You find a chip, be it on the floor or from a person. Each chip has their own 8 special moves, and their own affinities and weaknesses. When found, they start out level 1, but you can train them to your hearts desire, I have not planned for a limit yet but I am planning 100 as per normal fashion. They are divided into classes by their stat strengths, but that is simply for the sake of organization. In battle, you will fight monsters, normally whom are not summons. You have a ready phase in which you can decide to engage in battle, use an item chip (to heal or revive and such), brown townyze the enemy, or run. Then, you decide what your summons do, be it attack, use a special move, use a held item (as opposed to Pokemon, they are not passive and they have to be used during a turn, at the least most of them), or simply defend, and then it is the enemy's turn. It is planned that the difficulty of the enemy will be shown by how many cracks are on the screen, as will be shown below. The battle's outcome depends on what chips you decide World travel consists of your run of the mill puzzles and conversations. I am looking to create a fast paced game, however.

The following are images of enemies planned thus far:

Enemies range from goofy and odd to (hopefully) menacing and dangerous

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Enjoy the pieces from the Community Art Museum!

Current contributors: Camera, Camel, FancyPants, Fastlex, GMO Ferret, LoLbert, Niff


The IDentical dragon brother from another mother!

Pixel Art of Solar and Aphra, kinda doing Fire Emblem Awakening type poses!

Me, along with other forumers! The full picture is here, I just felt bad that I couldn't identify everyone.

A drawing to a drawing of an interpretation of myself for my birthday! Return is a game that Camera had been working on for quite a while now! (2015)

A quick revision to a bouncy eyebrow joke/gag from a time ago. I've since lost the original so Camera made his own.


Born and raised in the deep dank distant desert!

Solar with literally firey hair brandishing his sword!


The rainbow visor visionary with fabulous pants!

Solar in a Scott Pilgrimesque style! He did other forumers as well, and you can check it out here!

Fastlex (Emgiell)

The red dragon of burnin' valor!

Not exactly art as it is a neat character customization in Guns of Icarus of a color choice for Lloyd Lighter!

A spicy voxel cupcake said to turn me into a cube made for my birthday! I think someone who wanted to watch the world burn took a bite from the bottom...

The first battlers the protagonist receives in Block Battler in RotMG/TFD style, along with some other forumer's characters!

Sprites of Lighter, Solar, and Aphra for TFD!

GMO Ferret

Good Manly Operator?

He drew me while I was helping on Murder Mystery, really appreciate the attention to detail.


The well dressed jack of all trades, the samurai of thy!

A drawing of the sword wielding squad, Aphra, Solar, and Helia! I colored them in and use them as my current avatars: Solar for Summer, Aphra for Fall, and Helia for Winter!

A drawing of me! I recolored it and use it as my avatar for Spring! In real life however I don't have quite the slim build this picture portrays me having, nor do I have luxurious lips.


The bizarre gem who poses and proposes!

A very generous drawing of me for Secret Santa!

He had also drawn a picture of Solar for the Secret Santa as well!

The Kid

The biggest from fan around! (Don't quite have an avatar for him ahuhuh)

From left to right, Fede, Solar, and Red

A drawing of the character I drew recently

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Woooooo looking good, Flame

these are all awesome

teach me master

I am thoroughly impressed. Your style is very original although some drawings could use a little polish. Great stuff!

Very nice and a very interesting creativity.
teach me master
Study pictures and/or drawings and practice constantly. That's how I got creative with drawing, but I mostly learned drawing by reading books and looking at the pictures.

stop being good its making me jealous
i hope to one day break away from the stinky slum that is the drawing megathread as well

Thank you guys so much for the support, it make me feel pretty good.

some drawings could use a little polish.
A majority showcased are a bit aged. The ones in the sketches section are a bit newer, as in they've been done this year, unless those are in fact some of the ones that need polishing in which I'd love to do so. I want to improve so I can actually do things like animation. I hope to see more from you nonetheless C:

Just a question should I show newer ones over the older ones when I make more?

This is some of the best graphics work I've ever seen.

Holy stuff, You're good at this

Don't forget this one.

I like this one a lot.

This is something a little neat I did testing the use of effects I've never used on Paint.Net, and it looks presentable.

So on the left is what I had made with the effects, mainly posterize, stain glass, and crystalize., and the grass, made also with crystalize and stain glass and the right is a little test to try to make a "Super Paper Mario-Like Effect" having random textures the environment. If I were to use it as a sky, it'd need to be a tad smoother I think, and a different hue of blue.

I added the image with no grass/sky to the sketches section
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flamecannon if i could absorb you and take your skills i totally would