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Author Topic: Flamecannon'sDrawingsDotNet  (Read 128513 times)

there's a saying to the effect of "if you see someone reading a great book, the book is recommending that person to you" or something like that.
and boy, do I love minecraft jokes....
Great stuff as usual.
Here's a fantastic Minecraft joke for ya - what happened to the player who jumped over the lava pit to mine a diamond? He was burned to a crisp!

everybody has the same face

are they related by any chance or is it coincidence?
Regardless if you're poopin' on my petunias for the fun of it or being serious, I'll admit it that I do have same-face problems and it's definitely one of the several things I find I'd want to improve in the future in my drawings. I just typically find myself not spending my free time looking at/practicing with useful resources, tutorials, etc., even when they're readily available.