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Author Topic: Flamecannon'sDrawingsDotNet  (Read 128517 times)

that makes me happy by just looking at it

thank you flamecannon

i love that oh my god yes

i tried to do a weird effect with a glow outline thingiemahoozit it doesn't work out just testing it out

wait hold on i'm confused

i mean it should be obvious but the more i think about it the more confused i get

rainbow visor man is holding a laser gun, and red hooded man is holding a revolver, right?
the fact that two guns are in the picture but one is more obvious than the other is throwing me off for some reason

so then if that's true
did you call rainbow visor man david because he looks like a david
and is the whole "looking for his family" thing just something you made up
or do you know me in real life somewhere and know the fake backstory i made up for this character
or are you just creepy or something

in short i confuse you for facedavid a hell of a lot more than i should

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idk what i did with the earpiece thing
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Meanwhile I did have something from 5 months ago that's really neat but I hesitated on posting. Mainly because it's misproportional and I'm not happy with how I contrasted the colors.

I would buy that if it was cleaned up a little and printed on a white or black shirt.

you might as well name this thread "flamecannon posts cool things and anti-block and brickman ogle over them"

That scout picture makes me piss myself every time I see it