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On Badspot's website he says he worked on a game called Tribes RPG, a medieval MMO which is a modification of the game Starsiege Tribes
There is a website for the game. In it are some screenshots of the game and a working download so you can play it. I tried to play it and I got stuck in a tree in the tutorial zone so I uninstalled it
Badspot also tried to make a sequel to the mod called Sons of Valor and i have no clue what happened to it
Anyone know anything about these 2 games?

vitawrap and I played it last year. it's a really loving bizarre mod for the original tribes that still has a tiny but dedicated community, even smaller than blockland. in the 20 years it's been around it's gone through like 5 generations of developers. it uses a predecessor to torque called "darkstar" and uses a really jenky pre-torquescript language. instead of using commandToServer/Client it uses remoteEval which is... uh... questionable.

it's sad because it used to be more populated, so there are all these towns that are mostly empty. kind of reminds me of active worlds. it's still being developed and still has some people playing it though, and we even managed to talk to one of the devs while we were there.

it's also the source of "the party" painting from the kitchen map.
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It seems sons of valor demo has nothing in it. All you can do is walk around and open up the blockland mission/gui editor. No videos in YouTube either.
And yea, I saw. There's this video where a guy talks about how he used to play it and the comments say they played it too in the early 2000's. And also some exciting PVM footage here: 1 2

you have to play it with another person. there's decapitation

Played it a bit
Pretty boring and looks ugly

Map looks awfully similar to the one in AoT

Airports of Thailand, of course.