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Nice job syl.

Sorry for inactivity (it feels like I say this all the time), I have a lot on my mind. No time for building.

Ok port?

Also Utopia City us done! Release soon!
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rip port

into pieces

with love


ohh lad!
btw i despammed 1,5k of bricks, i will add stuff ;P

i HAVE to add poor people's houses

will just take 1,4K :P  (pretty P)

badspot really? ...
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what happened?

and wow i didn't realize this was 1) still alive 2) has a tut section which features my tut :o

since i'm back for a bit i might do something tut-wise, maybe the mod-ter section??

conan what are you doing here
go to the other place now


-snip, sorry, didn't mean to bump this by mistake-
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how to cohort where are server