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Blockland r1853


We made some bots. You may have seen them on my server, now you can see them on your own.


Bots live in holes.  When you plant a hole, a certain type of bot comes out.  The idea is that if you want zombies, you plant a bunch of zombie holes, start a minigame and they work.  You can of course customize their behaviour using events as well..


Input Events
  • onBotDeath
  • onBotActivated - when the player clicks on the bot
  • onBotSpawn
  • onBotReachBrick - when the bot reaches his "goToBrick" brick (see output events below)

Brick Output Events
  • respawnBot
  • setBotPowered <bool>
  • setBotType <list>

Bot Output Events
  • LookAtPlayer <Clear, Activator, Closest, Reset>
  • LookAtBrick <string brick name> - look at the given named brick
  • GoToBrick <string brick name> - go to the given named brick
  • PlayGesture <list>
  • DropItem <item data>
  • SetBotPowered <Off, On, Reset>
  • SetRunSpeed <float 1.0-0.05>
  • SetActivateDirection <Both, Front, Back> - Sets what side of the bot responds to clicking.  Ex: if set to front, the onBotActivated event will only trigger if you click the bot in the front
  • SetSearchRadius <Type of search; range>
  • SetIdleBehavior <list>
  • SetWanderDistance <Type of wandering; range> - "grid" is not quite functional yet
  • SetWeapon <itemData>
  • SetBotName <string>
  • SetTeam <Enemy, Neutral, Friendly, Mercenary, Owner, Custom; Custom Name>
  • SetMeleeDamage <int 0-1024> - how much damage the bots do when they touch you
  • SetRandomAppearance <City, Space>
  • SetAppearance <Blockhead, Caveman, Cop, Criminal, national socialist, Zombie, Custom> - The "Custom" value automatically copies your current avatar by translating it into a nightmare string the text field

New Speed Kart Track - "Hydro Plant"

New track made by Sumz & King Zor which incorporates bots
It features sharks, angry natives, bystander bots and a cinematic ending.

Other fixes, additions and improvements:

  • Mismatched LOS/COL hulls fixed on certain terrain bricks (thanks to [GSF]Ghost)
  • Fixed speedkart rotation starting at track 1 instead of track 0
  • Fixed minigame brick damage setting not working
  • Fixed case where vehicle spawn marker would be created under quota and thus be deleted by cancelevents
  • Fixed client crash exploit related to PlayGui_CreateToolHud
  • Tank turrets can now ride other types of vehicles
  • Fixed initial level or rampage mode not loading
  • In speedkart game mode, /tracklist command can now be called by anyone, not just admins
  • Removed non-functional player/client targets of onMinigameReset event
  • Fixed /spy command telling the player they are being observed - Players will now only get a "1 observer" style message if they are in a last man standing minigame
  • Fixed some cases of loading events erroneously triggering the admin-only check
  • Fixed not being able to respawn if you die while in a event_camera_control camera
  • Fixed case where balls could not be picked up
  • Admins can no longer respawn in a last man standing minigame by pressing F7
  • $Pref::SpeedKart::RoundLimit is now $Pref::Server::SpeedKart::RoundLimit and the default value has been reduced from 15 to 8


now i don't need to mutilate my add-ons folder with zapt/gamemode_zombie to do things.

finally a good speedkart track

You should probably update the front page.

Finally I don't have to use a stuffty third party add-on :')

Great job, the new speedkart track looks cool.

Just wondering, do you have any thoughts on possibly adding an "onBotAttacked"?

forget yeah, thanks for these awesome updates!

But what kind of holes do bots live in?