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Post your funny/random/dumb steam/skype/omegle chats here. or die. like a fish out of water.
This continued for a few minutes.
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I don't have any friends to chat with :(

i'm a boring person so i don't have any interesting chats
go me
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I don't have any friends to chat with :(
whats your name on steam?
i'm a boring person so i don't have any interesting cats
go me
i don't have any interesting cats
interesting cats



forget you

that was sensitive information you cuntbag

i guess it is time...

do skype chats count
i pretty much never use steam anymore

do skype chats count
i pretty much never use steam anymore
i guess

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I only talk to people on skype usually
so thank the lord in heaven that it logs chats

[7:29:12 PM] Night Fox: oops
[7:29:22 PM] Night Fox: I fell asleep watching adventure time

[02/23/13 3:29:14 AM] Camry: where are you from again?
[02/23/13 3:29:16 AM] Camry: texas?
[02/23/13 3:29:22 AM] Night Fox: alabama
[02/23/13 3:29:27 AM] Camry: kabama
[02/23/13 3:52:55 AM] Camry: Is the watch digital or brown townag

[02/03/13 1:48:56 AM] Camry: But of course you're a German Sherpherd :U
[02/03/13 1:49:50 AM] Night Fox: And I have a snake

[02/02/13 6:19:19 PM] Camry: Needs more buttshots :s

[01/13/13 2:19:33 PM] Camry: Nightfoxxx
[01/13/13 2:34:17 PM] Camry: Are you taking a shower again

[12/19/12 2:25:59 AM] Night Fox: if I had to be suffocated to death, I would choose to have it done with aremac's breasts

[10/22/12 11:23:25 PM] Wynd Fox: Of course, then I'd like you less, so it's a mixed bag.
[10/22/12 11:23:35 PM] Wynd Fox: Of Skittles, I hope.
[10/22/12 11:23:40 PM] Wynd Fox: The metaphorical bag, I mean.
[10/22/12 11:23:44 PM] Wynd Fox: The mixed one.

[12/06/12 2:25:04 AM] Night Fox: remove all your clothes, then go get it
[12/06/12 2:25:12 AM] Night Fox: if nobody sees you, you win
[12/06/12 2:25:16 AM] Night Fox: if someone does
[12/06/12 2:25:18 AM] Night Fox: then
[12/06/12 2:25:30 AM] Night Fox: you'll cross that bridge when you get there

[12/22/12 2:32:22 PM] Night Fox: I think he intended to leave after he saw me cum
[12/22/12 2:32:25 PM] Night Fox: bc that's what he did

[12/22/12 2:32:26 PM] Wynd Fox: Wait, the guy going around showing his snake to strangers thinks people are too horny?

[12/27/12 5:36:13 AM] Wynd Fox: But if I take it off, I'll be shirtless.
[12/27/12 5:36:26 AM] Night Fox: then take it off!

[01/04/13 7:45:54 PM] Wynd Fox: Um, so, right before showering, I weighed myself. You were right. I'm obese.
[01/04/13 7:46:37 PM] Night Fox: how many pounds?!
[01/04/13 7:47:17 PM] Wynd Fox: 121.6

[02/10/13 4:00:47 AM] Wynd Fox: Happy three AM!

[02/12/13 11:52:38 PM] Night Fox: to do a math dumb bull thing
[02/12/13 11:52:39 PM] Night Fox: poem
[02/12/13 11:52:42 PM] Night Fox: for tomorrow
[02/12/13 11:52:54 PM] Night Fox: have I ever told you how bad I am about procrastinating
[02/12/13 11:52:55 PM] Wynd Fox: Why didn't you do that before?
[02/12/13 11:52:58 PM] Wynd Fox: Or now!
[02/12/13 11:53:04 PM] Wynd Fox: I don't think so.
[02/12/13 11:53:20 PM] Night Fox: well this was assigned on like
[02/12/13 11:53:22 PM] Night Fox: uh
[02/12/13 11:53:27 PM] Night Fox: not last thursday
[02/12/13 11:53:31 PM] Night Fox: but the thursday before that
[02/12/13 11:53:37 PM] Wynd Fox: Fox!
[02/12/13 11:53:42 PM] Wynd Fox: Have you even started it?
[02/12/13 11:53:44 PM] Night Fox: no

[02/20/13 7:48:25 PM] Wynd Fox: Darn, they're delicious.
[02/20/13 7:56:08 PM] Wynd Fox: Ew, I just threw up in my mouth.

[03/03/13 4:10:02 AM] Night Fox: horses are too dumb for psychological scarring
[03/03/13 4:10:09 AM] Night Fox: and cows are like
[03/03/13 4:10:12 AM] Night Fox: infinitely below that

there are so many things but one of the skype log goes back all the way to like august so YOU KNOW I just kinda scrolled through and picked a few things
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