Author Topic: How do I start off getting gold?  (Read 5532 times)

Hello, I just started playing AoT.
How do I start getting gold?
I got the crap sword.
I know slaying monsters gives you gold, but is there something else?
I have really nothing to sell.

Crap sword is terrible.  In fact, all swords are terrible equally, so never bother getting a new sword unless you just want it because it looks nicer.

For general combat, I recommend using spells.  Press V to open the command menu, then S for spells.  B will get you the ball spell, which is pretty useful against most monsters, since it's cheap and your own balls don't hurt you if they bounce back at you.  If you're fighting other players, fireball (F) is much more useful, though.

Fighting monsters is one way to get gold, but it's really inefficient.  A much better way is to go to one of the places where crates full of gold and dyes spawn.  The Woods (green dyes) and The Swamp (cyan) are two easily-accessible such places.  As for stuff to sell, you can try selling the dyes you get from crate-smashing.  Rarer dyes are more likely to sell, though, so if you're feeling adventurous you could try dye-hunting in the Auric Fields (yellow), Red Crater (red), Blue Hill (blue), or the Volcano (black and purple).  There's also fiber, which you can get if you find a wild fiber plant, which can be planted to grow more, and is used to make clothes.  Dynamite usually sells decently, but you can also use it to harvest wood from various trees which may sell well if you can determine which tree types produce nicer-looking wood.

If you're wondering where any of the places I mentioned above are located, this map is a great reference:

Phew, that's a lot of text.  Consider that a noob's guide to Age of Time.  There's not a whole lot to really do, but enjoy derping nonetheless.

Yeah I would recommend spells as well instead of using the sword