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Gotta admit though,
weirdest one was when I was on a lab rp and I told this woman to come to the janitor's closet and I put a brick in front of the door and forced her to strip and have love with me and I accidentally took a screenshot.
Then I fired her.

The bedroom on lsd (i don't know what caused this)

Oh good ol bedroom.

I guess this applies. In some kind of way.

Duck rain in the background mixed with a screenshot from farlands.
The screenshot is lost though :C

This one just looks special.

This was the result of my first attempt to edit my Terragen mod to be server sided

This is a box that we put afk people into to confuse them when they got back

Got a bunch!

secret gathering


great parking

it is flying


Is it an illusion?

lewinsky partey

bed partay




You broke the gate fatty!

I like what I see

on drugs

on more drugs

the city is liquid

I can see the light!

It's alive!

What?! I'm medium sized bro.

Mini dude.. and... mini... est dude.

The Follower Server:

Zenix's Follower Server Scared The stuff Out Of Me!


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That face haunts me in my dreams.