Author Topic: how do you use the built in shoot animation of shift brick DOWN  (Read 445 times)

The name pretty much says it all but. Make sure its shift down thnx

the following is from from here: and my brain :P

List of Sequences:

am_activate1 - Activation
am_activate2 - Flailing arms
am_armattack - Attacking with the right hand
am_armreadyboth - Both arms out (Looks like /hug)
am_armreadyleft - Left arm out
am_armreadyright - Right arm out
am_back - moving backwards
am_crouch - crouching
am_crouchback - moving backwards while crouching
am_crouchrun - moving forwars while crouching
am_crouchside - Moving from side to side while crouching
am_death - Death Animation
am_fall - Falling Animation
am_headside - Freelook
am_headup - Used when model requires neck usage; tilts the head up
am_jump - Jumping Animation
am_land - When you hit the ground hard
am_leftrecoil - Moving the left hand up
am_look - Spins the torso on the X axis; used for pitch camera adjustment
am_plant - Planting a brick
am_root - Null Thread, there is no animation
am_rotCW - Turning clockwise
am_rotCCW - Turning counter clockwise
am_run - Running
am_shiftAway - Shifting the ghostbrick away from you
am_shiftDown - Shifting the ghostbrick downwards
am_shiftLeft - Shifting the ghostbrick to the left
am_shiftRight - Shifting the ghostbrick to the right
am_shiftTo - Shifting the ghostbrick towards you
am_shiftUp - Shifting the ghostbrick upwards
am_side - Moving from side to side
am_sit - Sitting
am_spearReady - Charging the spear
am_spearThrow - Throwing the spear
am_standJump - Jumping while standing still
am_talk - Talking animation
am_undo - Hitting Ctrl+Z (The shaking head thing)
am_walk - Walking Animation
am_wrench - Wrenching Animation

Place the new anamation you want here:

Code: [Select]

function gunImage::onFire(%this,%obj,%slot)
if(%obj.getDamagePercent() < 1.0)
%obj.playThread(2, shiftAway);

it should look somthing like this when you are done:

Code: [Select]

function gunImage::onFire(%this,%obj,%slot)
if(%obj.getDamagePercent() < 1.0)
%obj.playThread(2, shiftDown);

note how after playthread it says shift down.

happy moding!!