Author Topic: Human for sale!  (Read 1664 times)

i got $2,005,074 woop woop

there's a small and simple solution to your problem and i think we both know what it is
And I've had it for months, but on some websites i turn it off because i actually want to support those people.


Above average IQ scores aren't worth much I guess.

$2,637,274 #whitesuperiority

$2,545,078 so i'm better than everyone

said i was girl and didnt do anything else (just skipped everything
You are worth exactly $2,071,980

I'm worth 2.8 mil without any cheating wowie.

EDIT: wtf I redid it and made myself perfect and it came out the same exact worth is the actual worth just random or did it only register my first survey?
once you go through it once if you try to repeat it it'll give you the same results even if you put in different options


I'm black and white so I just went with black, I wonder how changing it to white would've worked out.

I did this before but this time I changed up my answers and got what appears to be the exact same answer of 2.9 mil wtf

Pretty good I guess.