What do y'all want to do Saturday Night (poll closes at 6:30 CST)

Good 'Ol Cytube Free For All (regular sesh)
5 (83.3%)
Letterkenny Season 2 Marathon
0 (0%)
The Eric Andre Show Season 3
1 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 6

Author Topic: The Blockland Cytube - On Extended Hiatus (due to life issues)  (Read 82478 times)

Gonna doublepost and bump again so more people get an opportunity to vote.

bloodborne is a good game ok

Told you I'd be doing another.

please someone include  strawinsky and the mysterious house

bump to preserve the topic, might be doing a session later this week

lol oops I forgot
thursday night probably since i'm moving into my dorm friday