Author Topic: The first server you visited  (Read 4089 times)

wowww, I don't even remember
I think I hosted something, the very first time I played
but the first server I joined was probably the block party

Lol its been 2 years since
I can't remember

It was this zombie game in v20 in this huge grassland with hills and it was pretty much green besides the buildings, the bots and the players.

A freebuild owned by someone named Apples in V8. I still have the save.

A jail rp that was really well build and hosted. Loved it.

I don't remember.
I think it was some cityrp.
I even have a help topic on it for my first post  :cookieMonster:

Wenthworth's Large CityRP (aka Diggy's Metropolis RP)

Some freebuild server in v8

Free build and I remember lord tony was trolling and that made me stop playing for a couple months.

Wenthworth's Large CityRP (aka Diggy's Metropolis RP)
that's where i met epic Sleven and Swat725 and Custard and Le Meggey!

This 4 team TDM with little forts. You had some sort of gun that shoots arrows and a bomb, I hadn't downloaded anything so it looked pretty weird.

Oh yeah, friendly fire was on and it was a disaster, I just shot every thing I saw and kept blowing up my teammates without even looking at the chat :D

To be honest it would actually be quite fun to play now that I'm actually aware of what's going on in TDMs.

Wenthworth's Large CityRP (aka Diggy's Metropolis RP)
i remember that
what happened to it

I cant even remember, that was over 5 or 6 years ago.