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Story of the Leader of Cuba During Some Time Period I Don't Know Whatever

You are currently meeting with the leader of the Group for handicapped or Mentally Horrifying Children.
You don't want to be here right now, but you have to ask him 5 questions before you can leave.

: So um, I guess, did you make anything interesting happen recently? Like, any cool public events?
: We eat cake!
: Yeah. Great. So do you have anything else to say that's important?
: No!!!!!!
: Great. What a perfect use of my time.
: Ya!!!!
: Well I'm leaving.
: No, you're not, you son of a bitch. TASTE MY handicapped FURY!
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ask him who the leader of cuba is and what time period it is.

: Uhh... UMM... OKAY... What time period is it? And who's the leader of Cuba? 
: ...

: Well that was to be expected. Good going, Darkmario765. Now I'm gonna get in fierce legal trouble with my associates.

At least you can leave now :)