Author Topic: Halloweenfest - Closed till Werdsnaday. :(  (Read 35237 times)

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We have now shut down. Everything was broken. A disappointing end to such a great event but it makes up for it with the fact that so many of you all came. I remember building the first parking lot, alone. I had no idea how big this would be.

Thanks everyone, so much, especially the contributors. Very few projects on this scale actually get finished on their deadline, and ours wouldn't have had a chance without all the talented people helping.

Thanks so much to:

The Resonte
Fire Flame
The Brighter Dark

Halloweenfest was fantastic and I had no idea that we would get thousands of people in total like we did. It was tons of fun and I'm so glad our work paid off.
This was a great year.

Halloweenfest is now closed.
Happy Halloween!
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everything was broken what

tickets and some rides were borked

Because of some technical problems anything with a named brick broke. This was extremely exploitable as the Eiffel Tower climb teleported you down after giving you tickets, but instead you could just spam it to gets thousands of them.

I just remembered that I have a save of Hallowe'enfest that I'm 99% sure isn't broken...

I have a save of it that works fine now. No need to post it Electrk.