Author Topic: Need some help for my MultiMedia class - FCP/Mac OS X for Windows?  (Read 2017 times)

The thing with that is, I exported already from my school and it's due Monday and I won't be back at the hub of school until Monday.

ah, that sucks. as a last minute thing tho maybe you could redo w/e it is you're doing in adobe premier and then import/export on final cut pro in school on monday??

Does Adobe Premier accept Final Cut Pro files?

I don't know, I haven't used Premier since 2011

Does that help
Watched that video earlier, but it just gives you Windows versions of similar programs. Plus it tells you to get Mac for Windows somehow, but doesn't specify how to.

Bump, anybody got any ideas?

dl mc os, you could've just trusted your best friend pablo!!!

Where can you find a place to do that?

I swear to God if you say Google (Goog) I will murder your whole loving family.
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Last bump. (For now, anyways.)

So I need to find Macintosh's Final Cut Pro for Windows or to get Mac OS X onto my Windows computer.

Is this remotely possible? Please, I need help for my project and wrap it up for tomorrow.

Isn't there a way to make your PC a Mac?

I've tried looking for those but they have such obscure file types that I can't even find a program to open them in.

Softwares similar to final cut pro for Windows
If your system doesn’t have high configuration or If you are unable to install mac then you can go to alternatives of this software though the other ones are not completely equivalent to final cut pro.You can find many software’s as an alternative, Majority of people prefer sony vegas video editing software but if you are going to invest money then go for avid or adobe premiere which gives tough competition to final cut pro.

Avid Media Composer

Final cut Pro for windows
It has complete professional features even to satisfy a extreme editor.Media Composer is ideal for high performance studio and mobile editing with avid you can edit file-based media,stereoscopic 3D material easier and faster then any other available.Design and dazzle with visual effects,create studio quality soundtracks,colour correct and grade with precision are everything you needed which you can perform easily with avid.Films like Dark knight,Iron man,Transformers,The expendables,Inception used avid media composer.


Adobe Premier Pro

Final cut pro for windows
It supports high resolution video editing and 3D editing with the ability to view 3D stuff using 2D monitors,it has a feature to export and import projects to avid or final cut pro.Although it doesn’t meet the level of avid and final cut it has amazing expert features to comfort an advanced editor.Films like 13,Dust to glory,The social network,Monsters,Superman Returns are edited on adobe premier pro.

Sony Vegas pro

final cut pro for windows
Sony vegas pro has innovative editing tools,Powerfull effect and compositing engine,Stereoscopic 3D editing which doesn’t need any additional hardware it can operate on any standard windows operating system.When compared to competition it is easy to use but it is less preferred by editors and filmmakers.Latest version of vegas pro has enhanced features and faster encoding performance.

Does that help? :/

Although that is good information for alternatives, which I also have two of those, neither of the programs seem to be able to accept .fcp files. :I