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I don't have a car because I play blockland.
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just a E36 bmw with a 2jz in it nbd

that brother drinking fiji

is his fiji water LS swapped

Rule 2J: If it exists it's probably 2JZ swapped.

Nothing like a fresh handwash!

thinkin bout pullin the trigger on an fc rx7 fellas

my favorite car is the nxe 20 8 xnoe ai oe a to eia gpoa ig9030

thinkin bout pullin the trigger on an fc rx7 fellas
Go FD <3

my fav car is SUZUKI X-90

passed my driving test last week so waiting for my licence to come in the mail

my licence came in the mail and not only am i like 16 in the picture but my hair is different cause u cant change it and they forgeted up the bit where my signature goes so it photocopied part of the box around it lol

It is done

Go FD <3
i'm too poor for now plus i like the fc body style more

Kinda a big post, but haven't posted anything in here for a hot minute.

Current car is a 2016 BMW 340i, just recently got it after my 2013 BMW 335i got totaled. So far it has a Catless Downpipe & and Remus Axleback on it. It's tuned and is making around 430whp.

My last BMW had a lot more done to it; Catless Downpipe, Intake, Charge Pipes, Stage 2 Turbo, Port Injected Methanol, and Muffler Delete. Car was making around 550whp.

Stock turbo on the left, Stage 2 Turbo on the right.

The day I found out it was totaled I decided to do a big ass burnout as a goodbye, before stripping all my parts off. Click to view video.

If anyone is interested I have a dedicated instagram for everything I do with the car including all of the people I race (@SC_B5X). Also if you like watching videos of racing you can follow @GatewayCarMeets.