Author Topic: So it was like a year since i played.  (Read 552 times)

I'm on my new computer

can i kget my key back somehow

E-mail badspot saying that you lost your key
or use key recovery

emailing badspot will do literally nothing i dont know what you're thinking

the key recovery didn't work

How to regain a lost blockland key
1. Go to‎
2. Type in your email address you used to buy blockland.
3. Click submit
4. Check your email. If you can't find an email named something like "Blockland Key Recovery", look in your spam box. If you still can't find it, redo all of these steps.
5. When you find it, open the email from blockland key recovery. Your key(s) will be in there!
(6. If you can't get your key, and you have tried these steps more than 2 times, email Chances are he won't reply, but there's a slight chance! Make sure you include proof of purchase or else he won't give you your key back!)
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Proof of purchase is simply his forum account, Badspot can match the BLID with the key, can't he?